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                 Gurley Sellers - Delila Wyatt 


Many people have contributed to my knowledge base of the Gurley Sellers family.  I hope I don't leave anyone out but please let me know because I can easily add to this list and I really appreciate all who have pooled their info.

Marie Sellers Hollinger - manages the Sellers List Rootsweb site.  Maybe one of the best surname genealogy sites on the web.  Made my first internet contacts through this site.

Betty Sellers - Where I really got my start!  Provided me with info on the Alabama Sellers which got me going.  Her husband descends from  Simon Sellers -> Oley Sellers

Alice Louise Flood - amateur genealogist who put together the original basic family tree of the Sellers clan before the internet and computers.  Now deceased.  She would have loved to see what has resulted from her efforts.  Robert Jemison Sellers -> George Washington Sellers (adopted son) > her mother.

Billy and Landereth Freeman - Provided their research, the pictures on this site and inputs on John Martin Sellers family that moved to Mexia as well as other info.

Roy Tom Sellers - a family historian.  I have an audio tape that he narrated at Blue Creek Cemetery discussing the relatives buried there.  Wish we had more from him.  Died in 1997.  He talked about Delila being Cherokee, family coming from Ireland, etc.. From Simon Sellers lineage

Jim Donahoo - a terrific man with a sharp mind at 85 years old.  He endeavored to document our family history and thanks to him, we have Roy Tom's information.  Lived in Decatur, Al.  Simon Sellers lineage.   He died 4May2003. 

Margaret Kessels - She hired Jonathan Butcher to research our Nash Co. roots and his data supplies us with lots of documented data from Nash Co. which I use in this report.  

Margaret Davis - another great contributor from the John Martin Sellers side.

Deborah Allen - Clayton Mack Sellers ancestor who has lots of his info available.

Mary Claude (Sellers) Maddox - Took me to Blue Creek Cemetery.  Beautiful lady who is 4th generation in Simon's lineage - Roy Tom's sister.  Mary passed away unexpectantly on April 21, 2001.

Susan Aldridge - Emanuel Sellers > Henderson.  She has really helped me sort through a lot of data and uncover a lot of Emanuel's documents through her contacts.

Ginger Wan - Isaac Gurley, Jr > Clem Sellers.  She has been a big help in researching the Wyatt families.

Shirley Adair - Simon Sellers>Susan Sellers.  Lots of help over the years.

Other of my contacts:
Ed Lawson - Lawson family
Jemes Sellers - John Martin Sellers
Ruth Ann and Vicki Christian - Gurley, Jr./Susan Sellers - Lost touch!
J. Johnson - Gurley, Jr. + Mary Holcomb/Arvin Sellers
Bill Cobb - Emanuel Sellers
Lynn Letson Johnson - Gurley, Jr. + Frances Letson- Lost touch

Sherry Cornwall who introduced me to James Marlowe who compiled his studies of the Sellers family in "Records Pertaining To The Sellers Family of Brunswick County, NC".

James Marlowe for his work on the Sellers family.

Jonathan Butcher - professional researcher. 

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