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There is quite a confusion about Elizabeth Sellers in Nash Co.  I will try to cover what I've found and hopefully not add further to the confusion.  It appears there may be three different Elizabeth Sellers in the early 1800's in Nash.  One of these I believe was Elizabeth Bottoms (Longbottoms) who I think married Joseph Sellers (see this under Joseph on the Family page).

In the 1860 Nash census another Elizabeth appears in the household of Samuel Sellers (Saml Sellars).  She is reported as age 75.  Who is this Elizabeth?

There is yet another Elizabeth (Liz or Lizza) who married Peter Sneed.

Peter Sneed records:

1820 Nash male: 26-45; female: 10-16 & 26-45

1830 Nash male: 30-40; female: 10-15 & 40-50

Aug 1831:  Bastardy bond filed against Elizabeth Sellers

2 Dec 1834 Nash:  Marriage bond Peter Sneed & Lizza Sellers; William Griffin bondsman

1840 Nash:  male: 5-10 & 50-60  female: <5 & 30-40

1850 Nash: Peter 65; Liza 39; Sallie 11; William B 3; SAMUEL SELLERS 19

1860 Nash: Peter 75 – No family


1860 Nash: Samuel Sellers 30, Reany 28, William Sellers 15, ELIZABETH SELLERS 75.


Analysis of these records seem to indicate that Peter Sneed was married to someone a bit older than him in 1820 and 1830 and they had at least one daughter.  It is likely the wife died in the early 1830's as Peter marries Elizabeth Sellers in 1834.  This Elizabeth appears to have had a child out of wedlock somewhere around late 1830 to early 1831 and that seems likely to be Samuel Sellers in the Sneed household in 1850 and again as head of household in 1860.  The Elizabeth married to Peter appears to have been born around 1811 to fit the 1840 and 1850 census.  Their children listed in 1850 also fit the age brackets in 1840.


Next in 1860 Nash Census, Peter Sneed is listed by himself without any of the family.  Also in the Nash 1860 census, Samuel Sellers is now on his own and appears to be married to Reany.  I believe the William Sellers that is listed is actually William B. Sneed from the 1850 census and may have been an assumption on the part of the census taker.  Peter's mother, Elizabeth would have only been 49 at this time so either they made a big error reporting her age or this Elizabeth is probably Peter's grandmother.  But I still don't know her origins - was she an unmarried sister to Gurley, his aunt or who?  According to the age listed, she would have been born abt. 1785.


I found an Elizabeth Sneed, age 39 living with Irving Sneed age 29 in Nash Co. in the 1860 census with 3 young children.  Also living in the household is Sallie Baj? (indexed as Sallie Bass) age 24.  The young children could be Sallie's.  Remember that Peter and Elizabeth had a child named Sallie age 11 in 1850 so this could be them and they have left Peter.  BTW, Elizabeth should be 49 at this time, not 39... they didn't like to tell their ages!


Samuel H. Sellers, age 35, born Nash Co., enlisted on 8 Feb 1862 in Co. A of the 47th NC Infantry (Chicora Guards). His service record states that he was "Left in enemy hands at Gettysburg, supposed to be mortally wounded."


So bottom line, I'm going to include Elizabeth Sellers who married Peter Sneed as one of the siblings just for my records but it still needs to be proven.



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