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WRIGHT SELLERS: b. ~1766-1770


Right Cellars appears in the Nash 1810 census with 1 male child <10; 1 female child <10 and he and his wife both listed in the 26-44 bracket.  A deed notation 12Feb1810 shows his wife to be Nancy Glover, sister of William Glover.  Another record 4Jul1829 petitions his opposing a new road on the Tar River.


In the Nash 1830 census, they have no children listed and both he and Nancy are listed in the 60-70 bracket.  Mathmatical deduction narrows Wright's birth year to between 1766 and 1770 so he and Nancy would be about 40-43 in 1810; 50-53 in 1820 and 60-63 in 1830.


Wright and Nancy are not found in the 1820 census which raises this speculation:

Looking at the 1820 Nash census for Bennett Sellers, one of Gurley's brothers, it reveals the following: 2 males 10-15, 1 male 16-25 and 1 male >45.  Later information on Bennett proves his age to be about about 23 or 24 in 1820 so he is not the over 45 male.  Also,  1 female 10-16 and 1 female over 45.  Note that Bennett did not get married until 7Mar1821 so the females listed here are not his spouse but he is the listed head of household.


I have to believe that the male and female over 45 are Bennett's parents and it's likely that the two males are his brothers and the female is his sister (possibly Drucilla).  Jordan and Gurley are around 17 and 19 so they are probably living on their own and are not likely to be the two boys listed here.


And I wonder if the parents could be Wright and Nancy Sellers.  The interesting thing is that Wright and Nancy are not found in 1820, yet are included in the census on either side of this.  Granted the 1810 census does not include the right number of children.  But considering they are already in their early 40's at this point, maybe the children including Gurley, Jordan and Bennett are living with older siblings during this census as well and they are only raising the two youngest.  Since they would have been in their early 20's in 1790, it's likely they had several older and married children which could account for Mildred's Bible record which said "Gurley left 8 brothers in N.C..."


Aside from Arthur Jr., I believe Wright is certainly a prospect as Gurley's parents in the Nash arena.  Of course, I may be grasping at straws here.  Also, the Bennett in the 1820 census may not be the same Bennett that we say is Gurley's brother although I don't find any further reason to suspect that.  But I don't want anyone to go off blindly accepting that Wright is the father of Gurley - I just want to open that as a possiblity and hopefully one day we can prove it one way or the other.

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