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JOSEPH SELLERS: b. ~1766-1770


[A contributor to The Heritage of Jefferson Co. AL book (James L. Davis II), submitted an article on Gurley and Delila Sellers (pg 773).  See the link provided.  I have tried to locate this gentleman to try to tie down several loose ends with his report.  I believe he descends from Candy Davis who was in touch with Alice Flood in the late 1980's early 90's researching Gurley's ancestors.  He is incorrect on info on Jordan, Mary and others, and believe that his reference to Joseph Sellers as Gurley's father was conjecture based on the best evidence they had at the time - pre internet.]


Joseph Sellers is in the Nash Co. 1800 census and listed as a single head of household in the 26-45 bracket.  I believe this immediately disqualifies him as Gurley, Bennett & Emanuel's father.  On the other hand, he could possibly have been their uncle.


Through census data and a professional genealogist, I believe Joseph's family involved the following.  In

1810 census:  1 male child <10; Joseph is 26-44; 1 male >45;  1 female 16-25 (his wife); 1 female >45

1820 census:  1 male <10; 1 10-16; Joseph is >45; females: 1 <10; 1 10-16; 1 16-26; 1 26-44 (wife); 1 >45

1830 census:  1 male <5; 1 5-10; Joseph is 60-70; 1 female 30-40 (wife)

By mathmatical deduction Joseph is born 1766-1770; wife is born 1790-1794.

It appears that Joseph died prior to the 1840 census. 


ELIZABETH BOTTOMS/LONGBOTTOMS:  It is believed that this Elizabeth was the wife of Joseph and one of their children was William S. Sellers b.~1819


WILLIAM S. SELLERS: b.~1819  William Sellers appears in the 1840 Nash census with a female in the 40-50 age bracket.  This continues to fit Joseph's wife's age and it is likely who this female was.  In 1850, Elizabeth Sellers age 56,is listed with William placing her birthdate at 1794 as bracketed above.  William married Mary Sherrod 24 Aug 1844 & in March 1845 purchased 100 ac on Jacob Swamp from Elisha Cockrell for $40.  William's estate was administered 19 Aug 1854 - death date not known.


Perhaps William was in poor health a few years prior to his death but in any event, The Wardens of the Poor minutes show that on 27Mar1852 German Langley was allowed $1.00 for moving Elizabeth Sellers and Polly Bottoms to the Poor House.  Their is a marriage bond on record for 27Apr1858 for Elizabeth Sellers and Jesse Temple.  In the Nash 1860 census, Elizabeth Temple(65) and Jesse Temple (age 82) both appear in the section for the Nash Co. Poor House and both are listed as "paupers".  I do not find Elizabeth in subsequent censuses.


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