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DELILA WYATT (24Apr1805-3Jul1899): Little has been proven on Delila's family. It is reported that she was Cherokee Indian but this is unproven to date - just information that has been handed down. Likewise, her place of birth is unproven other than census data supports that she was born in N.C. Since she was married in Nash Co., it has been her assumed place of birth. There is a Dempsey Wyatt (Wiatt) in the Nash 1790 and again in the 1810 censuses. It is not certain that these are the same Dempsey's however - one could have been the father in 1790 (two males over 16) and his son in 1810 (one male 26-44). Dempsey doesn't appear in the 1880 census making it seem more likely that the 1810 Dempsey might have been a son in the 1790 census. In either event, Delila would have been 5 years old in 1810 which does fit Dempsey's 1810 records.

While it is pure conjecture on my part, I also wonder if there is a connection to some of the Wyatts (Elija, James and Redman) who lived in Anderson Co., S.C. in the 1830/1840 period. This is the same area where James & Matilda Lawson lived in 1830. When Gurley/Delila left N.C. in 1835/6 they connected with the Lawsons and moved together to AL. I don't know if they knew the Lawsons prior to this move or if they may have met them while traveling through S.C. perhaps staying with Delila's relatives there. (Further conjecture, but could Redman have been an Indian name?).

There are two Wyatt's buried at Old Blue Creek Cem. JA Wyatt (28May1871-20Nov1910) and William O. Wyatt (9Mar1899-14Nov1901). I have been unable to confirm any info or find census data on either of these.

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